HYATTSVILLE, MD – October 10, 2017, To assist with post-hurricane rebuilding efforts, the Gypsum Association, a not-for-profit trade association founded in 1930, has placed all relevant technical documents pertaining to gypsum board (AKA drywall or wallboard) on a single, easy to locate webpage along with answers to frequently asked questions associated with repair and replacement after water damage.
These technical resources lay out proper methods of handling, storage, repair, and replacement of gypsum board. As always, consumers, building professionals, code officials, inspectors, and building product distributors can access these technical resources online and free of charge.

Technical documents essential to appropriate repair of flood damaged properties are:

GA-1000-2017 Identification of Gypsum Board• GA-1000-2017 Identification of Gypsum BoardThe Gypsum Association’s members comprise all the active gypsum panel product manufacturers in the United States and Canada. To be eligible for membership, a firm or corporation must calcine gypsum and manufacture gypsum board under the provisions of ASTM C1396 Standard Specification for Gypsum Board. Only panels made to this high standard are code compliant in the United States. This standard also mandates that each panel is labelled legibly on the back surface of each board, parallel to the bound edge of the board. GA-1000-2017 Identification of Gypsum Board provides important information related to ensuring gypsum panels are compliant with ASTM C1396.

The Gypsum Association also provides technical assistance by phone or email. Technical representatives cannot offer site specific prescriptions. Only a knowledgeable building professional who can evaluate an impacted site in person can offer a set of specific remediation actions. However, Gypsum Association representatives are able to point consumers, building professionals, and inspectors to legitimate technical standards and best practices that address their concerns.
Visit Hurricanes and Flooding: Gypsum Association Technical Resources Page.


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