Job Title: Technical Services Specialist

Location: Preference will be given to candidates located in the Washington, D.C., area

Position Reports to: Director of Technical Services

Job Purpose: To reinforce and bolster the Association’s technical capabilities and influence in the standards and codes arenas for the benefit of member companies and the overall gypsum industry in the U.S. and Canada.

Essential Duties:

  • Handle routine inquiries on publications, technical questions, standards and building codes.
  • Oversee publications review and the process (non-code referenced).
  • Serve as a representative to standards development organizations both in a “fill-in” capacity as needed but also functionally, especially in key committees to ensure total coverage.
  • Assist in systems and data reviews, especially for GA-600 Fire Resistance and Sound Control Design Manual.
  • Manage smaller scale research and testing projects. Assist with larger research and testing projects.
  • If necessary, be able to fill-in for the director on an interim basis.
  • Assist the publications department, as needed, in publishing documents, including the web site.
  • Manage the testing and research database, including making it electronic, being the principle person handling member and code official inquiries for reports, etc. Be the owner of this informational resource.
  • Manage the technical publications review schedule and the technical publications library.
  • Travel up to 15% – 20% as required.


  • Familiarity with ASTM, NFPA, ISO, ASHRAE and/or other standards and standards organizations, including reading, and interpreting pertinent documents. Prior experience in a task group, subcommittee or main committee leadership role a plus.
  •  Ability to read, understand and interpret basic requirements of model building codes. Code submittal experience, hearings experience or if a former code official a plus.
  •  Basic fire resistant design, testing experience and/or knowledge – having conducted evaluations or tests a plus.
  • Ability to read basic CADD drawings is required.
  • “Tech-line” experience; being the person at the receiving end of the phone responding to technical inquiries.
  •  Familiarity with gypsum products and/or systems/assemblies using gypsum highly desired – familiarity with basic construction techniques and practices required.
  • Basic familiarity in building envelope issues and acoustics a plus.
  • Basic project management skills and abilities required; more detailed experience a plus.
  • Experience working in or with associations preferred, but not required.


  • BS in Engineering, Architecture, Chemistry/Material Science, Construction Technology or similar field.
  • In lieu of above, or in addition and given extra consideration, several years of field experience as a master tradesman, code inspector/official or other related occupation.
  • LEED Green Assoc. (or other sustainable design certification) or obtain within one year of hire.
  • Additional work/education in project management a plus.
  • Additional work/education in specification writing a plus.

Years of Experience: 5+ (Consideration will be given to advanced education and/or field experience.)

Benefits Package: The Gypsum Association has a small staff and places an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. We strive to offer a competitive salary and package of benefits, including medical, dental and vision insurance, employer-matching 401(k) plan, disability, life insurance, and paid vacation and sick time.

Organizational Information:

The Gypsum Association (GA) represents the collective interests of the U.S. and Canadian gypsum board manufacturing industry. Gypsum board is commonly known as drywall and is used to cover the walls and ceilings in 98 percent of the residential dwellings constructed in the United States and Canada. It is also used extensively in non-residential construction.

Members of the GA manufacture over 99 percent of the gypsum board that is sold in the U.S. and, as can best be estimated, over 95 percent of the board that is sold in Canada.

Similar associations exist in Europe, Australia, and Japan. The GA liaises informally Eurogypsum in Belgium; however, the two organizations operate independently of each other and have no formal affiliation.

The GA was formally established in 1930 and was incorporated in Illinois in 1960. It was headquartered in Evanston, IL until 1988 when the operation relocated to the Washington, D.C. area. From 1989 until 2008, the main office of the GA was on First Street, NE in Washington, D.C. In 2008, the office was relocated to Hyattsville, MD.

While the Association has a relatively small number of members, it represents a very large industry. The most current estimate of the industry places its market capitalization at between $5 – $10 billion dollars. It is estimated that the industry directly employees between 7,000 and 10,000 people.

Association Focus:

The GA is a small-staff association that is focused on providing services to its members in the areas where it can create the greatest collective benefit for its constituents. It does not have a trade show or engage in broad public relations campaigns. The primary areas of specific focus include:

  • Serving as a leader for the industry in the twin realms of building codes and technical product standards creation and management. This role includes interfacing with relevant ancillary organizations that represent constituencies similar to the Gypsum Association – i.e., the wood products industry; the steel industry; contractor organizations; and technical organizations, such as the International Code Council; National Fire Protection Association; Underwriters Laboratories; and the National Research Council of Canada.
  • Standards and technical document creation. The GA creates many technical documents on gypsum board. Examples abound on
  • Serving as the sustainability leader for the industry. The Association is quite engaged in taking a leadership role in providing sustainability services for the industry. It has recently developed and published Life-cycle Analysis (LCA), Product Category Rules (PCR) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents for North American Gypsum Boards.
  • Coordinating the regulatory focus of the industry. This generally involves working with federal-level regulatory agencies on precise, focused issues. . Occasionally, the Association becomes involved on the state regulatory level.
  • Serving as a lobbying coordinator for the industry on an as needed basis. The Association is not an active lobbying organization, nor does it employ (or intend to employ) a registered lobbyist; however, it does serve as a lobbying coordinator for the industry on occasion. In such situations, the Association does employ the services of a lobbying firm on a short-term basis.

Staffing and Headquarters Office:

At present, staff consists of five individuals:

  • Executive Director
  • Director-level industry technical expert
  • Director-level promotion/industry affairs
  • Office manager/bookkeeper
  • Administrative/technical response assistant

Our 2,500 sf office is immediately adjacent to the PG Plaza Mall in Hyattsville, MD. We are approximately three blocks from the PG Plaza metro station and one mile from the University of Maryland. The Association is moving to a new location in Silver Spring, Maryland in December 2017.

Association Set-Up:

The Association presently has two committees: one specifically addresses building code and industry technical issues (BCT Committee) and the second addresses external issues (EI Committee) such as sustainability, regulatory issues, and governmental topics. It also has responsibility for the limited safety and promotion issues that need to be addressed by the organization.

The committees meet face-to-face twice each year in the spring and fall and occasionally via conference call or special meeting. The face-to-face meetings span three days.


To Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to the Director of Technical Services