The following terms apply to the use of the Gypsum Association’s Statistical Data:

• If information is quoted verbatim, the Association imposes no restrictions on the use of the statistics by any party, either member or non-member, provided the user properly credits the Gypsum Association as the source of the statistical information.

• If the information is used as the basis for a calculated result that is created by the user– i.e., “X% of the gypsum board manufactured in the US in the period 2000 – 2010 came from Florida” – The Gypsum Association prefers the attribution to state, “ the calculation was based on statistical information obtained from the Gypsum Association.”

This distinction is made because the Gypsum Association provides raw data, only. We do not provide analysis.  Other than these simple requests, the party is free to use Gypsum Association Statistical Data as they deem appropriate.

Please contact the Gypsum Association for further assistance.